It's been Kimmel vs. Damon for over a decade but the pair may be heading towards a truce after a couples counseling session

By Karen Mizoguchi
Updated September 29, 2015 01:55 AM
Credit: ABC/Randy Holmes

Matt Damon no longer heard Jimmy Kimmel say those dreaded words: “Apologies to Matt Damon, we ran out of time.”

On Monday, The Martian star finally got to sit down as a scheduled guest after over a decade of being bumped from Jimmy Kimmel Live!.

But, of course, the Kimmel vs. Damon showdown continued for the episode dubbed “Hate Night,” which also included a pre-taped counseling session with a couples therapist.

Damon, 44, tried going undercover as the night’s first guest Dr. Phil McGraw, but didn’t fool Kimmel, 47, despite his best Dr. Phil impression.

“Seriously, what are you doing here?” the late night host asked as the Oscar winner argued, “You said I could be on the show earlier when we were in therapy.”

In the sketch, Kimmel revealed to psychologist Dr. Kim Canter Burger he was “anxious” but “hopeful” about possibly making amends with Damon.

The feuding pair exchanged some heated words and Kimmel couldn’t help but make Damon the butt of his jokes yet again.

“I imagine it sucks to be him, look at him, and he’s trying to be a movie star,” he said, not before Damon fired back by recalling that one time he got revenge over Kimmel in January 2013.

But in order to put their differences aside, they were asked to name something nice about each other – Kimmel only said he liked Damon’s A-list friends including BFF Ben Affleck.

To wrap their session on a positive note, the therapist recommended a friendly hug to put their fights in the past. But their bromance was short lived as their bear hug soon turned into a brawl, hitting each other into the wall.

The Kimmel appearance came on a lighter note after Damon was misquoted for suggesting gay actors should hide their sexuality.