The Tonight Show host was celebrating his new Madame Tussauds wax figures

By Amanda Michelle Steiner
Updated December 01, 2020 09:56 PM

Jimmy Fallon‘s dream came true – and turned into our nightmare.

“It’s an emotion I can’t describe,” Tonight Show host said about the creation of his five new Madame Tussaud’s wax figures. “I’ve never had this type of feeling. It’s not as creepy as you’d think, it’s more surreal because I’m a big fan of Madame Tussaud’s and the fact that my career has gone this way, I’m very very lucky.”

But it might be as creepy as you’d think.

Fallon celebrated his new likenesses with a video of himself singing The Beach Boys’ “Barbara Ann” … with the wax figures singing backup.

Soon enough it’s Fallon, 40, backing up as the figures begin to descend upon him.

You can rest assured that Fallon’s daughter’s Frances, 3 months, and Winnie Rose, 19 months, won’t be exposed to this nightmare fuel.

“No, my kids cannot see this,” Fallon told PEOPLE about his new wax doppelgängers. “This is gonna freak them out. This is honestly therapy, immediate therapy. I’m not sure if my wife can even do this.”

The comedian also joked that seeing his detailed wax images made him wonder if his wife Nancy, 47, might be out of his league.

“Actually I was looking at this guy going, oh my gosh, my wife could do so much better.”

If you need to relive what just happened to you, the wax figures will be displayed in the New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Washington D.C. locations, as well as the soon-to-be-open Orlando location.

Reporting by LYDIA PRICE