Jimmy Fallon enlisted his seatmate in his hilarious photobomb moment

Jimmy Fallon is a photobombing expert.

Fallon mugged for the camera behind Jessica Chastain when she appeared on the jumbotron at the New York Rangers hockey game in New York City on Tuesday.

When the camera caught Chastain in the crowd, she playfully covered her face with a stuffed animal before revealing herself, wearing a pair of Rangers’ sunglasses.

But as the camera panned wider, Fallon was seen sitting behind her. Once he noticed he was on the big screen, he jokingly leaned over to his seatmate and pretended to make out with her.

Model Anna-Christina Schwartz, who was the one sitting next to the late night host, appeared to take the joke in stride, sharing the video to Instagram.

“When @jimmyfallon decides to bring the kisscam back to @thegarden 😂 starring @jessicachastain,” she wrote.

“@jessicachastain with the dance moves, @jimmyfallon with the videobomb,” wrote the Rangers official Instagram account.

A source tells PEOPLE: “This is Fallon’s gift, to always create an entertaining moment, and when he saw Jessica on the jumbotron, he photobombed her in true Fallon fashion with a hilarious ‘fake kiss’ joke.”

Fallon is no stranger to photobombing, even making the prank a segment on the Tonight Show. In 2017, Fallon called on Miley Cyrus to help surprise unsuspecting guests posing for a photo at the NBC gift shop.

During the segment, the two grabbed props and snuck into the background of each group’s photo. As the people posed around a Voice chair, Cyrus and Fallon jumped in at the last minute just in time to say cheese.

Naturally, there was no shortage of screams as the fans realized who else was in the room.