January 05, 2017 11:05 AM


If you’ve ever wanted to hit the streets of New York City with Jimmy Fallon, you’re in luck.

The Tonight Show host has his own virtual reality ride coming to Universal Orlando Resort in spring 2017 — but as it turns out, it’s been several years in the making.

The upcoming Golden Globes host, 42, opened up about how the ride came about during an appearance on Thursday’s Ellen DeGeneres Show.

“So how is this possible — you’re getting your own ride at Universal?” asked DeGeneres, 58. “People are going to ride you? What does that mean? How do you have time to ride everyone?”

“I’m going to do it, man — I’m going to break some records,” he quipped. “Come ride me! I’ll be in Orlando. That should be the slogan.”

But all jokes aside, the ride is something the comedian has been interested in ever since he first took over Late Night from Conan O’Brien in 2009.

“When I first got Late Night I said, ‘Well, I’m at NBC Universal,’ so I thought maybe I could do something with Universal Studios — maybe there’s a roller coaster I could think of,” he said. “You know that ride Soarin’ at Disneyland where you hang glide through California? So I go, ‘Maybe something like that, except I do it in New York!’ “

“So anyway, I got to pitch these guys at the head of the theme park my own ride,” he continued. “It was a video conference. I told them the idea for my ride and they were just kind of nodding and then they go: ‘Yeah, no. But thank you, what’s your name again?’ “

“I go: ‘Jimmy Fallon.’ They go: ‘Well, good luck with your show and if you ever need tickets or something to see Harry Potter, let us know,’ ” he recalled.

Fallon went on to take over The Tonight Show in 2014, and eight years after his initial pitch, the Universal execs called him back up to deliver the good news: They wanted to make his ride after all!

“So we spent the last two and a half years making this ride,” said Fallon. “It’s a virtual reality simulator — it’s like, you go into The Tonight Show and you race me in a go cart through the streets of New York City. That’s how nerdy I am.”

“You go through the subway, you stop at a pizzeria, you smell pizza, you go into the East River and you get wet,” he added. “Anyway, it’s the best ride in the world.”

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