A visibly moved Fallon wore (what else?) a purple tie during his remarks

By Adam Carlson
Updated April 24, 2016 10:10 AM
Credit: Source: Saturday Night Live/Facebook

What is there to say about Prince, really, except that he was, well, Prince?

That’s how a visibly moved Jimmy Fallon remembered the music icon – who died suddenly last week at 57 – when introducing a special Saturday Night Live tribute episode to him that aired this weekend.

Fallon, 41 – wearing (what else?) a purple tie – memorialized Prince as “larger than life” and an “icon” who “lived his music.”

But he had only so many words for someone so cool and so innovative and so himself.

The Story Behind the Story – Prince’s Passing

“There was always something different about a Prince performance,” Fallon said. “It was special. It was an event. It was Prince.”

He wasn’t all somber, though. With a small laugh, Fallon said of Prince, “He had his own color. Who has their own color? He owns purple. You can’t just pick a color and that’s my thing.”

Prince had a close connection to SNL, performing on the show several times and even giving a special concert for the cast and crew at the show’s star-studded 40th anniversary party in 2015.