Drew Barrymore even made a surprise appearance in The Tonight Show's most epic throwdown yet

By Lanford Beard
February 02, 2015 07:30 AM

Jimmy Fallon promised an “epic” lip-sync battle on the post-Super Bowl XLIX edition of The Tonight Show, and when Jimmy Fallon promises, Jimmy Fallon delivers.

Vying for the prize of taking pride in their lip-sync skills, Get Hard stars Will Ferrell and Kevin Hart joined Fallon for two rounds of fake-singing their hearts out.

While Ferrell, 47, leaned toward more mainstream hits including Beyoncé‘s “Drunk in Love” (points deducted for omitting the “surfbort” line) and a glitter-bombing take on “Let It Go” from Frozen‘s “Wicked-ly talented” star Adele Dazeem (a.k.a. Idina Menzel), he really shone as the object of an emotional serenade by Hart, 35, to John Legend‘s “All of Me.” There were abs. There were slaps. There were tears (not all of them from laughter).

Fallon, 40, routinely gives these contests his all, but – like a dutiful host – he normally lets his guests have the spotlight. Not on Sunday.

After a literally flashy light show accompanied his performance of Kelly Clarkson‘s “Since U Been Gone,” Fallon pulled out all the stops during a rendition of Dirty Dancing‘s climactic “(I’ve Had) The Time of My Life.” All the stops in this case being Drew Barrymore, who joined her Fever Pitch costar for a re-creation of Baby and Johnny’s famous dance sequence from the end of the 1987 film. Fallon was so committed, in fact, that he ripped open the knees of his pants.

Hart had the unenviable task of closing out the show’s most intense three-man battle ever. He chose wisely with the addictive empowerment anthem “Roar” from halftime performer Katy Perry. Unlike the football game itself, no official winner was declared, but the audience waving and belting out that addictive chorus right into the commercial break didn’t seem too bothered.