The two late-night hosts spoof their "feud" in a parody of West Side Story's "Tonight"

By Stephen M. Silverman
April 02, 2013 08:15 AM
Chris Haston/NBC; Jennifer Graylock/INF

It had to happen. Jay Leno and Jimmy Fallon, the former reportedly about to be replaced as Tonight show host by the latter, have come to blows. Blowing out their lungs in song, that is.

In a terrific and remarkably good-natured spoof that is getting high-profile play – not bad for anybody’s ratings – Fallon’s Late Night show opened on Monday night with his getting a call from Leno, who had just wrapped up his Tonight show.

“Hey, kid. How you holding up?” Leno, in L.A., asks Fallon, whose desk in his New York office is strewn with newspapers reporting the NBC late-night-host succession.

Fallon, 38, said he’s okay and inquired how Leno, 62, was. “Yeah,” says the 20-year Tonight veteran. “I’ll live. I’ve been through this before, y’know. Got to admit, I’m a little sick of this.”

They said they’re still friends. Then they broke into song, a reworked version of the soaring “Tonight,” from West Side Story. (Both possess great voices – Leno’s is especially operatic – although professionals took over and dubbed the long passages, the Today show reported Tuesday.)

In the aria, Fallon sang:

Only you, every night you throw to me, Jay Leno
In the news, all they do, is say I’m replacing you
They think I can woo
The demo

Sang Leno:

So the network says
Here’s an idea
Pack your bags, take a hike
N-B-C ya

Fallon: Tonight, Tonight
Who’s gonna host
Is it gonna be Jimmy or Jay?
Tonight, Tonight
Where will they tape
In New York? Will it stay in L.A.?

Leno: Tonight, Tonight
My ratings were all right
Twenty years and I’m still in first place
Tonight, Tonight
I’ve got Fox on the line
Or maybe I could take over for Dave

In unison: Tonight, Tonight
Why do they say we fight?
I like you, you like me, we’re okay
Tonight, Tonight
Who cares who hosts
People just watch online the next day!

And here’s the video: