Jimmy Fallon and Jack Black remade Extreme's "More Than Words" on Monday's Tonight Show

By Drew Mackie
Updated May 05, 2015 01:20 AM
Credit: Douglas Gorenstein/NBC

It is more than just the words, in fact. It’s the whole video.

Jimmy Fallon teamed up with Tonight Show guest Jack Black on Monday for something that we feel safe saying that no one has attempted before: a shot-for-shot remake of the music video for Extreme’s 1991 hit “More Than Words.”

In its day, the song proved to be both a major hit for the band as well as a departure from Extreme’s typical sound. So what did Fallon, 40, and Black, 45, hope to achieve in remaking it exactly as it looked before? Well, they’re both talented musicians in addition to being comedians, and maybe they just wanted to show off how well they can harmonize.

So how did they fare? That’s for Extreme superfans to decide – and any sharp-eyed viewers who feel like watching both videos in their entirety in one sitting.

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