Before purchasing the 101,106th box of treats, Francis revealed her foolproof method of reaching such an impressive number of sales

By Stephanie Petit
March 22, 2017 09:09 AM

Thanks for your support, Jimmy Fallon!

When 15-year-old Katie Francis was close to breaking the record for most boxes of Girl Scout Cookies sold, she reached out to The Tonight Show host to help her make the monumental sale.

Before Fallon purchased the 101,106th box of treats, Francis revealed her foolproof method of reaching such an impressive number of sales: the Oklahoma City native stands in front of grocery stores and sings “cookie tunes,” created by changing the lyrics of popular songs to relate to the famous snacks.

Francis even shared one of her favorites, changing the words of “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer” to “But do you recall the most famous cookie of all? Thin mints the famous cookie.”

Like a good salesperson, the teen brought a range of products, leaving Fallon to eliminate the field and decide which type of Girl Scout Cookie he would set the record with. It was a tough choice, but he went with Samoas, much to the audience’s approval.

When Fallon asked how much the treat cost, he jokingly jeered at the $4 price tag. But when Francis pulled out the change for his $5 bill, the seven-year Girl Scout turned on the charm with a smile and a “thank you so much for your support.”

“See? You’re saying that before you gave me the dollar. You’re really good at this,” Fallon said before letting her keep the extra buck.

But there was more — the comic surprised Francis with a check to the Girl Scouts of the USA for $15,000.

To celebrate only the most important anniversary in cookie history — the 100th year of Girl Scout cookie salesInfluenster polled 5,054 members across the U.S. to determine which is flavor is most popular among each state.

Thin Mints, one of the the first cookies to be sold, reigned in first, winning most of the West Coast. Caramel deLites/Samoas were a close second, capturing the hearts of 18 states, and the third most popular were the Peanut Butter Patties/Tagalongs. Shockingly (or not, depending on your taste), the classic Trefoils were nowhere on the map.