"I know he's a package deal. He comes with Macklemore"

If you scroll past “Thrift Shop” on your iPod – and admit it, “Thrift Shop” is still on your iPod – you’ll see that it’s actually credited to Macklemore and Ryan Lewis. Sure, you know Macklemore (and his haircut) but unless Ryan Lewis stood beside you, excitedly pointing to his name on the screen, would you recognize him?

Jimmy Fallon asked that very question on Monday’s The Tonight Show.

“Not many people know who Ryan Lewis is,” he said. “Or what he does.”

So, Fallon gave Lewis (who’s actually a DJ, producer and musician … yes, we had to look it up) a microphone and a camera crew and sent him out onto the streets of New York to ask music fans what they thought of Ryan Lewis.

The results were awkwardly hilarious, ranging from the guy who suggested that Lewis was the half of the Grammy-winning duo who did “something with the computers” to the girl who looked at a picture of him and STILL didn’t know who she was talking to. Lewis didn’t seem to be upset about some of those blank stares and confused expressions, but if you ever see him on the street, you should probably give him a hug. Well, assuming that you recognize him.

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