The new Late Night host 'fesses up to sweating too much on air

Credit: Richie Buxo/Splash News Online

Critics remarked that as the new Late Night host, Jimmy Fallon sure seems to sweat a lot. Thing is, Fallon noticed it, too.

“I never thought a human could sweat that much,” Fallon, 34, told BlogTalkRadio host Brett Cohen. “I was sweating a lot my first show out. I was interviewing [Robert] De Niro. I was just so nervous and excited. It was such a big night for me.”

Obviously. He ended up all wet. “Clearly, I have no control over my glands,” he says. “My producer was laughing at me. He was like, ‘I’ve never seen anyone sweat this much.’ ”

One possible solution: “We made the studio colder, just to help me out.”
Stephen M. Silverman