The host and his in-house band took over after U2 was forced to cancel in the wake of Bono's bike accident

By People Staff
Updated November 18, 2014 12:45 PM

Jimmy Fallon‘s pitch-perfect musical impressions are a Tonight Show staple at this point, but they still never fail to impress.

Case in point: Monday, when the chameleonic host and house band The Roots (the “hardest-working band in late night,” as Fallon calls them) took over for U2, who were forced to cancel their appearance after Bono took a spill on his bicycle. (An incident that followed his plane’s hatch opening mid-flight – it’s been a rough week.)

Fallon – who donned shades and Bono’s trademark cadet cap – and The Roots turned in a blistering performance of “Desire” from 1988’s Rattle and Hum album, complete with a vigorous harmonica solo from the late night host. And par for his musical course, Fallon twisted his voice into a pretty good imitation of Bono’s characteristic tenor. He even adopted Bono’s weird hunched-over singing posture at one point.

If this whole Tonight Show thing doesn’t work out, Fallon and The Roots have a real future as a cover band.