Thank you, autocorrect, for making these cringe-worthy missives even funnier

By Kathy Ehrich Dowd
June 16, 2015 01:40 PM

Here’s one way to kill the buzz of a first date.

For a segment amusingly titled “First Textual Experience,” The Tonight Show asked viewers to send in real-life first texts they received from awkward individuals attempting to secure a date and failing miserably.

Host Jimmy Fallon and guest Aziz Ansari then read the cringe-worthy missives in a segment that immediately went viral.

“My friend have me this number. Said a smart, pretty girl needed to be taken out to dinner? Where are you wanting to go?” read Fallon, 40, before dissolving into giggles. “This is Ron btw is was trying to be clever.”

Ansari, 32, aptly summed up everything wrong with this message when he said “Ron should have done just one proofreading session.”

The segment coincides with the release of Ansari’s book, Modern Romance, which amusingly discusses dating in the digital age.

In an interview with NPR, he explained that the book attempts to answer one burning question.

“Why – despite the millions of profiles on OKCupid, Match, Tinder and the like – people still struggle to find The One, or at least someone who will return their text messages?”

But after reading these awkward texts, we think he might have just succinctly answered his own question.