By Alexia Fernandez
July 26, 2017 09:48 PM

Jim Gaffigan wrote a touching tribute to his wife, Jeannie, Wednesday for their wedding anniversary — three months after she successfully underwent brain surgery for a tumor.

The actor, 51, posted a photo from his wedding day on Instagram, capturing him dipping his wife as they shared a dance.

“14 yrs ago today I married the love of my life, @jeanniegaffigan,” he wrote in the caption. “Together we’ve created 5 children, 5 hour specials, 2 books, 2 seasons of a TV show and one massive brain tumor.”

Jim treated his wife to a romantic dinner at Italian restaurant Del Posto in New York City. He took to Instagram to thank his friend, chef Mario Batali, who created a custom menu for them at the restaurant.

The Fargo actor revealed Batali had sent him various meals to feed him and his family while his wife was recovering. The generosity extended to their anniversary dinner.

“When we arrived we saw that Mario had created a custom tasting menu of various gourmet soups with accompanied wines or cocktails,” Jim wrote. “Of course the whole experience was insanely amazing but the generosity of kindness and compassion by Mario was most moving.”

In May, the comedy writer, director and producer opened up to PEOPLE about discovering her brain tumor was the size of an apple. Although her surgery was successful, Jeannie struggled on the road to recovery, battling aspiration pneumonia and unable to swallow due to throat paralysis.

Jeannie wrote an essay for PEOPLE on Wednesday about her recovery since her nine-hour surgery in April.

“Recovery has been long and slow, and patience is not one of my virtues, but not a minute goes by when I am not counting my blessings,” she wrote.

“My love for my [five children] which seemed boundless before has multiplied a thousand fold as has my love for Jim,” Jeannie continued. “The marriage vow “in sickness and in health” became more than just words, and I am inspired every day by the strength and courage of the man who held everything together through this hurricane brought on by the brain tumor.”

She added, “I dodged a bullet and my life will never be the same. Don’t wait for the hurricane to hang on to your family and friends and to find the blessings and the glory in every detail. Do it now.”