Jim Gaffigan also gets real about wife Jeannie's brain tumor and how she bears the day-to-day responsibilities of raising their five children


Amid a busy work schedule, Jim Gaffigan tries to squeeze in quality time with his five children anywhere he can.

In his sixth stand-up special, Noble Ape, the comedian, 51, describes his parenting techniques which include running errands with sons Jack, 12, Michael, 7, and Patrick, 6, and daughters Marre, 13, and Katie, 9.

“I try to do one-on-one time with each of my kids but it’s hard because I travel and there’s a lot of them. So sometimes that special daddy and me time is just doing something mundane like going with me to the post office,” Gaffigan says.

“That’s right, buddy, it’s just you and me going to find out why we got this damn slip on our door. Stick that in the memory bank. ‘My dad always making time for me, squeezing me into errands. I remember walking to the post office and listening to him bitch and moan about the federal government. What a guy,’ ” he jokes.

Jim Gaffigan
| Credit: Comedy Dynamics/YoutTube

Also in the special, Gaffigan gets real about his wife Jeannie’s brain tumor and credits her for bearing the day-to-day responsibilities of raising their kids.

In April 2017, Jeannie, 48, underwent a nine-hour surgery to remove a six-centimeter benign brain tumor. Though she had been experiencing recurring headaches, dizziness and coughing fits, it wasn’t until she began to lose her hearing that she decided to push for answers, ultimately finding out she had a tumor the size of an apple wrapped around her brain stem.

In March, Jim revealed Jeannie still has a long way to go — but the couple, who wed in 2003, are as optimistic as ever.

“My wife is — granted, I’ve never had as much energy as her at 80 percent, so she’s a tank in some ways — but you know, there’s an insane amount of doctor’s appointments,” he told the Associated Press. “Everything is good, but it’s still — you know, one of the vocal chords might work, there’s speech therapy, there’s physical therapy. It’s an enormous undertaking.”

He also jokingly referred to his wife as “a special breed,” and said, “This is a woman who delivered a baby in our apartment, and then an hour later was asking people if they wanted breakfast.”

Noble Ape will debut July 13 in theaters and on demand via the Comedy Dynamics Network.