Jim's three youngest children are currently with estranged wife Meghan King Edmonds in Los Angeles

Jim Edmonds is trading the city for salty air amid his divorce from Meghan King Edmonds.

After his three youngest children — daughter Aspen, 3, and 1-year-old twin sons Hart and Hayes, who he shares with Meghan — reunited with the Real Housewives of Orange County star in Los Angeles last week after spending time with their father in St. Louis, Missouri, the former MLB player went “off the grid” with daughter Hayley Edmonds.

On Monday, Jim posted a photo of Hayley, 22, sitting in a chair with a beer in hand onboard a boat. “Deep-sea fishing off the grid. First time ever for @hayleyedmonds15 to be in the chair,” he wrote.

“Not ready for the fishing pole yet. The corona was too cold,” continued Jim, 49.

He concluded by calling Hayley his “rock,” writing, “Thank you H #myrock blood thicker than water. # poor us #family.”

The father-daughter fishing trip comes more than a month after Hayley came out swinging against her stepmother at the end of October following Jim’s reported divorce filing.

“I’ve been waiting for it. For probably … three years?” she told Us Weekly of the split. “I think it’s impossible to be happy with someone so … I don’t know if I would say narcissistic but, she, like, creates her own problems and loves conflict and things like that.”

“The selfishness is miserable for anyone to be around, let alone to be married to her,” Hayley continued. “My whole family has grown closer because we have all had to stay silent in hopes to protect my dad and no one can do it anymore.”

Jim Edmonds
Credit: Jim Edmonds/Instagram

Meghan did not immediately return PEOPLE’s request for comment.

Last week, Meghan revealed on her Instagram Stories that she was heading to the airport to pick up Aspen, Hart and Hayes. The mother of three had been apart from her kids while she worked to get her L.A. home ready for their arrival. During that time, Aspen, Hart and Hayes stayed with Jim in St. Louis, Missouri. Jim previously revealed that he had moved into his and Meghan’s newly completed mansion by himself amid their divorce.

“I cannot wait to see my kids. I am on my way to get them from the airport, and I think the house is finally ready,” Meghan said in the video, panning the camera to show her new home.

“I got all my IKEA stuff ready to go,” Meghan continued, showing off the sleek new furniture as well as a children’s table and a play area for her kids, which includes an art easel.

“Going to go get those babies!” Meghan added.

Meghan then shared that her mom and sister flew with her kids to California. She later posted a hilarious text message from her sister, who said, “I feel like running a marathon would be less exhausting lol,” when asked how the plane ride was.

Moments later, Meghan posted another video, this time from the airport, of her and her kids waiting for their luggage at baggage claim.

Before touching down in Los Angeles, Jim shared a photo with the tiny tots, explaining that they were off to see mommy.

“The littles are getting big. Headed to Cali to see mommy and get Hart a little bit more treatment,” Jim wrote. Hart has sought treatment in California after being diagnosed with “irreversible brain damage” earlier this year.

Meghan previously revealed on her Instagram Stories that she had moved into a “long term” rental and was getting it ready for her three toddlers.

On Nov. 8, just two weeks after reportedly filing for divorce from Meghan following his sexting affairs and amid rumors that he had an affair with their former nanny, Carly Wilson, Jim revealed that he was moving into the St. Louis home. (The property had been under construction for two years.) Both Jim and Wilson denied having a sexual relationship.