The evening featured a brief cameo from Carrey's Dumber and Dumber costar Jeff Daniels

Given that Jim Carrey‘s roots lie in sketch comedy and stand-up, we expected big things out of his appearance on Saturday Night Live on Oct. 25.

And we weren’t disappointed: Anyone who tuned in was treated to a wide range of skits; some tailored to Carrey’s past, others that hit a broader audience. Let’s dig in.

Skipping Carrey’s silly monologue (which had him dressed as “Hellvis”) and the somewhat dispiriting cold open (in which Jay Pharoah’s Obama says the Ebola virus isn’t as bad when compared to some of the other things that happened during his terms), the “Carrey Family” reunion sketch showed that the funnyman draws inspiration for his characters from all of his family members.

It also gave other cast members opportunities to do their best Carrey impressions. (Keep an eye out for the Jeff Daniels cameo!)

Another great bit saw Carrey mock Matthew McConaughey‘s portentous Lincoln commercials – his meandering speeches eventually see him wind up in a nearby car insurance ad.

Carrey revealed great chemistry with Taran Killam in this skit about two extremely polite ghosts ruining a haunting session for their friends.

One of the most absurd, inspired bits (a riff on high-concept “millionaire in hiding” shows) gave Carrey a chance to really go off the rails with his impression of an eccentric billionaire.

Iggy Azalea was the evening’s musical guest. Here she is performing “Beg For It.”

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