Jim Belushi's Cannabis Show 'Growing Belushi' Is Returning for a Second Season

Growing Belushi tracks discoveries in the medicinal cannabis industry, as well as the actor and his farm's personal journey

Jim Belushi
Photo: Discovery

Jim Belushi's Discovery series Growing Belushi has been renewed for a second season, PEOPLE can exclusively announce.

Growing Belushi, which is filmed in southern Oregon, highlights discoveries in the medicinal cannabis industry, as well as the personal journey of Belushi and his marijuana farm.

"Growing Belushi is about the world of cannabis from seed to sale to patients and consumers," the actor, 67, says in a statement. "The new cannabis consumer will learn everything they need to know to have complete confidence in the expanding universe of cannabis — what to buy, what to ask, where to buy it, how to grow it — the testing, the qualities. You'll be a total cannabis expert after watching this show. We give a whole lot of information with a lot of humor. It's edutainment."

Jim Belushi
D Dipasupil/FilmMagic

Season 1 saw Belushi explore legalization rallies in South America and Pablo Escobar's impact on Colombia and Belushi's own family, as well as the genesis behind bringing the Blues Brothers' cannabis brand to dispensary shelves.

On the upcoming season, Belushi will continue to build his expertise as a cannabis farmer as he finds out first-hand what happens when a small farm passion-project grows into a cutting-edge business. The show will also follow along as Belushi's cousin Chris operates a tiny, test kitchen restaurant at the farm, the Engjell Café, which experiments with cannabis-infused cuisine.

Season 2 of Growing Belushi will premiere later this year across Discovery platforms.

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