'RHONY' Star Jill Zarin's Daughter Ally Honors Bobby Zarin on 2nd Anniversary of His Death

Bobby Zarin died in 2018 at the age of 71 following a prolonged cancer battle

Bobby Zarin‘s loved ones are paying tribute to the late businessman on the second anniversary of his death.

On Monday, former The Real Housewives of New York City star Jill Zarin‘s daughter Allyson Shapiro dedicated a touching post on Instagram to her stepfather, who died on Jan. 13 at the age of 71 following a prolonged cancer battle.

“When we were in the hospital I thought about the future, a time before you and after you, and how my life would be divided into those chapters,” she began. “I would have to tell new people about you, and the lessons you taught us. But that really isn’t true. Everyone still knows you, the legend of the Great Bobby Zarin. Everyone asks about you. People come up to us and say, ‘What was Bobby’s famous one-liner?’ Even mom yells your name at least once a day.”

Allyson, 27, is Zarin’s daughter with her first husband, Steven Shapiro. She went on to share some of her and her mother’s life developments since Bobby’s death.

“We sold the apartment and camp Zarin,” she wrote. “I lost some friends…I got my Master’s degree and a new job. I moved back from London and into my own apartment. I met the most incredible people and created real friendships. Mom moved into a new apartment and became a tennis addict.”

“We spend as much time in your favorite places, Miami and boca, as possible,” she continued. “Our friends got married and engaged. We spent the holidays with our second family. You would have loved seeing mom in all her glory at BravoCon. Everyone would have loved seeing you at BravoCon.”

“But men like you are of a different time,” she concluded. “They don’t make people like you anymore. A true gentleman with traditional and steadfast values and morals. You will be preserved forever as that person, who I was lucky to know for over twenty years, who raised me and took care of us as much as we took care of you. We love you and thank you.”

Ally Shapiro, Bobby Zarin
Ally Shapiro/Instagram

On her Instagram Story, Jill, 56, documented her morning as she and Ally drove out to Amagansett, New York, to visit Bobby’s resting place.

“We’re driving two and a half hours out to visit him in Amagansett, where he is at peace,” she said. “I brought back rocks from Boca and I’m going to pick up some rocks where our old house was, because it’s at tradition to leave rocks at the gravesite.”

“We’re picking out special rocks to plant at the cemetery when we go visit my Bobby,” she continued. “We miss you.”

Earlier this month, Jill commemorated her late husband on what would have been their 19th wedding anniversary.

“Bobby Zarin, Mr. B, Bobby Baby….I think of you every day. I feel you watching over me all the time and @jenniferrogersbelieve calls me with messages,” she captioned a selfie of the couple on Instagram, referencing a medium she uses to communicate with Bobby.

“Thank God because I needed you so many times when I didn’t know what to do and you told her and she told me,” she continued. “You would be so proud of me and of Ally. All the little lessons you taught us, many by example were not wasted.”

“When it comes to judging people, good, bad or indifferent, you are still, sadly in some cases, ALWAYS right,” she added. “But I will always try to to the right thing no matter what. Thank you for always watching over me…. I will always love you … Xoxo Jill.”

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