The Duggars bid Jill, Derrick and baby Israel farewell as they set off to do missionary work on the heels of the family's controversy

Updated July 07, 2015 06:05 PM
Credit: TLC/Larsen&Talbert

It’s not goodbye, it’s “We’ll see you later.”

It’s been a month since the Duggars, stars of TLC’s hit show 19 Kids and Counting made headlines with the shocking revelation that son and sibling Josh Duggar had molested five girls, including sisters Jill and Jessa, when he was a teenager.

Now, in an new home video posted to the family’s website, the Duggars clan bids farewell to Jill, her husband Derick and their new baby Israel as the three head out of the country to take up missionary work in an undisclosed location.

“We prayed and we cried, but we are pleased they have taken this step,” says the caption for the video, from which Josh, now 27, is noticeably absent.

In the clip, the large brood gathers at the base of their home’s stairs to give hugs and say goodbye.

“We’re going to miss y’all, we’re going to miss little baby Israel,” says Duggar patriarch Jim Bob, before the family prays and prepares to head off to the airport. “We know that this is God’s plan for your life.”

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At one point during the video, Jill and her sisters share a long, tearful embrace, and sobs can be heard coming from the family’s cameraman.

Despite everyone’s sadness, matriarch Michelle reminds the family that it’s not goodbye forever. “We have a destination vacation planned to come and see you and our sweet new baby,” she says. “We’re going to pray for you guys every day.”