Though Derick admits to PEOPLE that being a first-time parent has him "exhausted"
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After a 70-hour delivery and surprise C-section, Jill and Derick Dillard open up about their firstborn’s arrival. Subscribe now for Jill and Derick’s exclusive interview – and to see photos of their son Israel David – only in PEOPLE!

There’s no question that Jill Dillard is no stranger to childcare – with a whopping 15 younger siblings, the 19 Kids and Counting star knows a thing or two about babies.

As her husband Derick has admitted, however, there weren’t a whole lot of children running around the Dillard household. That said, Jill, 23, tells PEOPLE that Derick, 26, is already “doing amazing at being a dad.”

The couple welcomed their first child Israel David late on Monday, and Derick changed his son’s diaper two hours after he was born.

Jill also shares that her husband is already a “pro” at burping baby Israel, and that Derick gave Israel his first bath.

“I have a really steep learning curve,” he tells PEOPLE, “but I think I’m catching on fast!”

However, he did jokingly confess that he didn’t know whether it was day or night: “I’m a little bit exhausted.”

Israel basically arrived NFL-ready – born overdue, he weighed in at nearly 10 lbs. and measured 23 inches long. As the new parents previously told PEOPLE, Derick thinks that Israel would make a great tight end.

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Reporting by ALICIA C. DENNIS

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