Credit: Peter Kramer/AP; Karen Neal/ABC

Jewel has a simple message for injured contestants on Dancing with the Stars: “If you’re too hurt to compete then you can’t compete.”

“I think the rule about ‘judging a rehearsal if the person is too injured to perform’ was weird both times they have used it,” the singer, who backed out of season 8 of the competition due to a knee injury, writes on husband Ty Murray‘s MySpace Celebrity blog.

The rule — which states that a contestant too injured to compete on the live show will be judged on their rehearsal footage — was put into practice when Steve-O hurt his back and on Monday when Melissa Rycroft suffered a rib injury.

“As bad as I felt for Melissa, who I hope feels better and comes back, I’m used to our cowboy athletes that live by the rule: ‘ride hurt or don’t get a score,'” Jewel writes. “It may seem harsh, but it seems like the only way to keep things honest.”

“But,” she adds, “if I were to be on the show I might change my mind. Hahah!” –Eunice Oh

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Peter Kramer/AP; Karen Neal/ABC