Jewel Reveals Three Reasons She Wanted to Be in 'Framed for Murder: A Fixer Upper Mystery'

The Hallmark TV movie premieres Sunday at 9 p.m. ET

Little known fact: Jewel is actually a murder mystery fanatic!

PEOPLE Now caught up with the pop superstar ahead of Sunday’s premiere of her new TV movie, Framed for Murder: A Fixer Upper Mystery, and she revealed three reasons why she decided to star in the film.

“One, I’m a closet binge-watcher of Murder She Wrote — I actually have a t-shirt that says: ‘Angela Lansbury is my spirit animal,’ ” she said with a laugh. “So I’ve always kind of liked the genre — and I’m a big Angela Lansbury fan clearly.”

In the new Hallmark film, Jewel plays Shannon Hughes, the owner of a construction company and an expert in Victorian home restoration and renovation who finds clues to uncover a house’s secret past.

“I liked this part because she’s a female contractor, so she’s a very empowered, modern woman,” said the star. “Coming from Alaska, where I was raised doing everything for myself — we built fences, we shoot our own horses, we trained our own horses, we worked with cattle, and there weren’t these really strong male-female gender roles where I was raised. So I really was excited that she was a character that had that type of job.”

“And then, on top of it, she’s really a woman who is learning to trust her intuition,” added Jewel, 42. “Even when the whole world tells her she’s crazy, she’s like: ‘No, something feels wrong, and I’m going to follow that.’ And I just feel like all women can relate to that.”

The movie will actually part of an upcoming franchise, with a total of three set to be released this year. So why do fans get so addicted to this particular genre?

“I think people like to be a sleuth,” said Jewel. “Everybody, like me, likes to sit at home and be like: ‘Who did it? I’m going to figure it out before the end.’ ”

“And we’re actually going to be live-tweeting clues,” she added. “It’s fun, because now everything is so interactive. We can interact with people as they’re watching and drop hints and see who’s on it and who isn’t. So I think that is really a big appeal.”

Framed for Murder: A Fixer Upper Mystery premieres Sunday at 9 p.m. ET on Hallmark Channel.

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