Peter Kramer/AP
April 08, 2009 12:00 AM

Tuesday’s Dancing with the Stars results show was a nail-biter for one studio audience member in particular: Jewel.

“When they said Steve-O was safe, I so thought you were going home,” Jewel says to her husband, rodeo star Ty Murray, in a new video the couple posted Wednesday on MySpace.

Asked if he was scared, Murray responds, “I wouldn’t say I was scared, but I thought there was a good chance we might have a dance-off last night.”

And the prospect of repeating his paso doble wasn’t a welcome one, says Murray, who notes, “The main thing I needed to do was loosen up, and as it’s getting towards the end there, you start tightening up.”

It was that uptightness that led the judges to label Murray’s paso doble “stiff” following Monday’s performance. Jewel, however, liked what she saw — especially what she calls Murray’s “paso face”: furrowed brows and an exaggerated frown that Murray recreates for the camera. But it turned out Murray and partner Chelsie Hightower had nothing to worry about — at least not for another week since David Alan Grier was sent home after a dance-off against Lawrence Taylor.

As for Grier’s ouster, Murray says it came as a surprise. “He was really enjoying the show and getting into it,” says Murray of the funnyman. “I thought he was doing better every week.

Peter Kramer/AP

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