Jessica Brown Findlay Opens Up About Her New Role on Peacock's Brave New World: 'I Fell in Love with It'

"There are a few times you read a script and you just know you have to play that part," Findlay told PEOPLE


Jessica Brown Findlay could not be more thrilled to enter a new world — of television, that is.

Speaking with PEOPLE ahead of the release of Peacock's original series, Brave New World, the actress, 30, opened up about her role in the sci-fi drama — an adaptation of Aldous Huxley's 1932 novel, Brave New World — and why she immediately connected with her character.

"When I started reading the script and it had that energy, I was just really taken with how unusual that was, how bold it was and how exciting it would be to make something that sort of takes a novel, making the world and runs with it," Findlay, who portrays Lenina Crowne in the series, told PEOPLE earlier this month.

"I completely fell in love with it," she added. "The writing was brilliant. It made me laugh out loud. I just adored it."

Jessica Brown Findlay
Jessica Findlay Brown. Steve Schofield/Peacock

Brave New World, also starring Demi Moore, Joseph Morgan, Alden Ehrenreich and Hannah John-Kamen, explores a futuristic and utopian society in London, where everyone is at peace due to the prohibition of relationships, money and family.

In the teaser for the new Peacock original, hopeful new world citizens are seen taking what appears to be a pill before their lives are transformed forever. The new world is idyllic, filled with greenery and blue skies.

"There's no pain there, John. Everyone fits. I've always wanted that for you," Moore's character Linda tells Ehrenreich's John the Savage before he transitions.

However, John quickly realizes that the new world isn't as perfect as everyone thinks, and residents begin to unravel.

While Findlay admitted she wasn't familiar with the story, she immediately read the book after being offered the part — and became enthralled with the details of her character.

"There are a few times you read a script and you just know you have to play that part," she said. "There was an alignment that was going on at that time in my life. And I guess challenging. Yes, but also so immensely exciting."

"[Lenina] is maybe only slightly aware that she doesn't fit," Findlay added. "And how terrifying that is in a world where you cannot, that is not a thing that exists. You don't not fit. There are no mistakes. Her exploring that, I guess that just felt to me so unbelievably exciting as an actor."

Brave New World is now available to stream on Peacock.

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