Celebrity cameos abound in season two of Sara and Erin Foster s hit show
Credit: VH1

As born and bred Angelenos raised amidst the glitz and glamour of Hollywood, sisters Sara and Erin Foster are uniquely qualified to playfully take on Tinseltown.

On Barely Famous, their satirical comedy series which returns for a second season on June 29, Sara and Erin play sisters who “are on the outside of Hollywood,” says Sara, 35. “All they want is to be on the inside, but they’re just not.”

Naturally, hilarity ensues as the fictional sisters try and fail to make a name for themselves in the entertainment industry, often butting heads with celebrities (real life pals of Sara and Erin) who have cameos on the show.

“They don’t play our friends,” says Sara of guest stars like Jessica Alba, Zach Braff, Kate Upton and Chris Martin. “They’re always playing themselves. And they’re using it as a vehicle for themselves [comedically], which is the ultimate compliment.”

Says Erin, 32: “Zach texted me asking me when I was going to ask him to be on the show and I had no idea he’d want to come on our set and he did! It was pretty funny.”

And when it comes to taking on ubiquitous fame and the powers of social media on their show (Sara and Erin come up with the ideas for the episodes), the possibilities are endless.

“We’re so desensitized to famous people now,” says Sara. “Nowadays, fame is truly attainable by anybody.”

Barely Famous premieres June 29 on VH1.