Spurgeon, 1, recently got a little trim just in time for summer!

By Natalie Stone
July 03, 2017 03:12 PM
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Credit: Andrew Southam

Just in time for summer, Jessa (Duggar) Seewald‘s oldest son is sporting a new ‘do!

The Counting On star announced in a sweet blog post — titled “Spurgeon’s First Hair Cut!” — on Saturday that Spurgeon Elliot recently got his first haircut, and the mother of two shared some adorable images from the milestone moment with her followers.

In a series of four side-by-side images, Jessa, 24, posted photos of Spurgeon’s curly and luscious locks before and after the trim.

“We didn’t chop off all his curls,” she wrote, and added, “but trimmed a few inches for his first hair cut!”

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Credit: Andrew Southam

Earlier this year, just months after Spurgeon turned 1, the mother of two — she also shares 4-month-old son Henry with husband Ben Seewald — tried out some cute new hairstyles on her eldest after his bath time — including a man bun!

“Haha! So we tried out some new hairstyles after bath time… he was rockin’ the man bun!” she captioned an Instagram post in January. “(And no, he didn’t get a haircut. Holding off on that for a while longer still!) #SpurgeonElliotSeewald.”

Since becoming a big brother in February, Spurgeon, along with his parents, has been adjusting to the family’s new routine.

“Spurgeon’s always been a cuddly little boy, but now he has to share mommy’s lap with another baby,” Jessa explained in a PEOPLE exclusive Counting On clip of her oldest child learning about sharing.

“We’re learning to take turns. You know, when baby has to eat, mommy’s going to hold Henry, but you can sit beside me. So maybe that’s been an adjustment for him,” she said, and added, “But I think he’s doing pretty well.”

And in addition to sharing, Spurgeon is also expanding his vocabulary!

To document his progress, Jessa captured her son repeating back some words that he’s recently learned, including “daddy,” “mama,” “please” and “thank you.”

“Spurgeon’s vocabulary,” she captioned a cute Instagram video in June, which also showcased Spurgeon’s curls.

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