Jessa Duggar Celebrates Jim Bob and Michelle's 34th Anniversary: 'Us Kids Are So Blessed'

"I don't know of another couple who's more in love," Jessa Duggar wrote in a sweet message celebrating her parents' 34th anniversary

Jessa (Duggar) Seewald couldn’t be happier for her parents Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar as they celebrate 34 years of marriage.

“Happy 34th anniversary, Mom & Pops!” the 25-year-old mother of two wrote alongside a picture of her mom and dad smiling at each other on a boat.

“One might expect y’all to have more wrinkles and gray hair, especially after raising some of those particularly strong-willed kiddos like me. Haha! But you both still look so young!” she continued. “They say that having kids keeps you young, and that surely must be the case because y’all definitely don’t look old enough to have a child who’s in his 30’s!”

Jim Bob and Michelle are parents to 19 children: 10 sons, and 9 daughters.

“I don’t know of another couple who’s more in love than you are with each other! Us kids are so blessed to have an example to look up to in your marriage relationship,” the Counting On said, sharing her admiration about her parents’ enduring love.

“It’s so endearing to see y’all kissing, holding hands, looking affectionately, speaking loving sentiments, and laughing at each other’s corny jokes (to the point of tears) as though you were still high school sweethearts,” she added.

“But like seasoned veterans, we’ve seen God’s grace in your marriage as you’ve weathered the storms of life together,” she said. “Crying together in hard times. Praying for wisdom and help from above. Reminding each other and us kids of God’s promise to “work all things together for good for those who love Him.” Your faith in Christ is solid and unwavering, and I’m so grateful for your godly examples.”

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Jessa went on to praise her parents for being pillars of support and stability.

“We never had reason to doubt your love and commitment to one another,” she wrote. “In all my growing up years, I do not recall witnessing an argument between the two of you. I’m grateful y’all chose to talk through any disagreements privately, and that we didn’t feel the pressure to take sides with either parent.”

Counting On returns Monday, July 30 at 9 p.m. on TLC.

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