By Rennie Dyball
Updated January 08, 2010 12:00 AM
Credit: RD/Kirkland/Retna

Something happened on the Jersey Shore this week. In between the fights, the drinks and the drama, a couple of the housemates have crossed the line – to loveable!

There is something oddly endearing about two Seaside Heights dwellers in particular. Vinny is a self-proclaimed mama’s boy, and his mama makes an appearance this week, toting four trays of homemade Sicilian fare for the housemates (plus undershirts and socks for her son). For just a moment, we can glimpse into Vinny’s offshore life, and it actually doesn’t look all that far off from yours and mine.

Then, there’s the Snooki, who’s more fun watch with each passing episode. In addition to her joyfully unbridled dancing, she’s quickly becoming queen of the one-liners week after week (even Jay Leno seems amused). But please, Snooki, stop getting into all these fights! You’ve got so much promise as a reality TV fixture. There’s no reason to seek out trouble the way that you do. The next time one of The Situation‘s conquests is rude to you at the house, just let it go. And keep those one-liners coming.

Here are some more fun one-liners from Thursday’s episode:

“He frickin’ jumped out of the car like it was on fire.” –Snooki, on her friend-with-benefits who bailed when she joked that he could go find more girls

“Somebody’s got to teach her how to fight. Or duck.” –Pauly, on Snooki’s second altercation in three days

“Gym, tan, laundry? Those aren’t fun things. At all.” –Vinny, on The Situation’s daily routine.