"Everywhere Ronnie walks, she walks," Snooki gossips to pals Deena and JWoww about their roommate
Credit: John Kessler/MTV/PictureGroup

Jersey Shore‘s first feud of the season is already getting super catty!

Following the fistfight that erupted in the kitchen on the cast’s first day back in Seaside Heights, N.J., Snooki, JWoww and Deena are seen gossiping and insulting Sammi in a sneak peek at Thursday’s episode.

“Did Sam go to the gym with [Ronnie] this morning?” JWoww asks while driving Snooki and Deena to the tanning salon.

“Probably,” Deena says. “She’s probably sitting there watching Ronnie lift.”

Sure enough, scenes edited into the clip show Sammi at the gym with her off-again, on-again boyfriend.

“You said something before, remember, before all the fights went down,” Snooki says. “You were like, ‘Oh my god, everywhere Ronnie walks, she walks.’ ”

“She’s probably Ronnie’s backpack,” Deena says. “She’s a female backpack.”