Credit: Michael Germana/Globe

A funny thing happened at the Miami beach house Thursday night in a (sorta) new episode of Jersey Shore (which actually first aired Sunday before the VMAs).

No, it wasn’t the blue tennis balls graphic behind The Situation when he talked about the girl who left him at an inopportune time (still, well done, MTV!). For just a moment, amidst the usual hookups, drunken evenings and Angelina-Jose-Situation drama, Vinny became the most endearing guy on TV.

The self-professed “mama’s boy” welcomed his mother, Paula to the house and sang her praises. “She puts everyone before herself,” Vinny says. “They don’t make women like my mother anymore.” He shows his love, too, proudly producing a towering gelato sundae for his mom at work.

Then, there’s Vinny’s crush, Ramona, whom he wants to wine, dine and “wife up.” When she accepts his dinner invitation, a jubilant Vinny break dances by the phone in celebration.

To prepare for the date with Ramona, Vinny gets his haircut, shops for new clothes and even hits the florist. “I treat some girls like I treat my mother,” he explains. “Like gold.” But that afternoon, Ramona bails on the date. After hanging up in frustration, Vinny calls her back to apologize and begs her to reconsider.

In the end, Ramona never shows, Vinny is left alone at the house and a collective “awww” can be heard across the Jersey Shore-viewing nation.