'Jersey Shore' 's Mike 'The Situation' Sorrentino Celebrates Thanksgiving After Prison Release

The Jersey Shore star completed an eight-month prison sentence in September after pleading guilty to one count of tax evasion

Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino has a lot to be thankful for this year.

On Thursday, the Jersey Shore star celebrated Thanksgiving with his wife Lauren, a little over two months after he completed an eight-month prison sentence in September for tax fraud.

Mike, 37, and Lauren, 34, both shared the same photo on their respective Instagram accounts, showing the couple smiling — and Mike’s impressive biceps — as they posed in front of a Christmas tree.

“Happy Thanksgiving Situation,” a beaming Mike captioned his photo.

Wrote Lauren alongside her photo, “Happy Thanksgiving! Grateful for our health, faith & family this year. Blessings to all!”

Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino
Mike Sorrentino/Instagram

Speaking to PEOPLE earlier this week, the reality star said that he and Lauren would be “living our best lives” on the holiday this year. And while he loves to cook, he said this time he would be “mostly feasting.”

“It’s our cheat day, and me and my wife are going to be splitting it for the holidays,” he explained. “We’re going to my mother’s house and then we’re going to Lauren’s sister’s house afterwards.”

As for what he’s most grateful for?

“I am most grateful for my sobriety, my freedom, my wife, family, and friends,” said the reality star and recovery advocate, who is four years sober after battling a prescription painkiller addiction.

Lauren added, “I would say I’m most grateful for our health and faith and family.”

Lauren Sorrentino, Mike Sorrentino
Lauren Sorrentino/Instagram

The couple, who revealed that Lauren suffered a miscarriage last month at about seven weeks pregnant, also opened up about their “traumatic” loss.

“My doctor said it’s very common, and all I remember feeling was isolated and alone and upset,” said Lauren. “Once I pulled myself together within two weeks and my hormones went back to normal, I just decided I wasn’t going let people suffer in isolation.”

“Even though it’s so common, I don’t see people really talking about it until they have their rainbow baby and it’s a happy ending,” she continued. “And I was thinking while that’s wonderful and amazing and I know one day I’ll be sharing that message, I’m going through the thick of it and I need prayers and people to help me heal through it.”

Mike the Situation
Mike Sorrentino/Instagram

“That was a huge reason why I wanted to share it, to help people that are suffering and going through it now,” she explained. “And also, to heal myself.”

The MTV star added, “It was definitely a difficult time for us, because we really didn’t have any experience on how to handle this.”

Still, the college sweethearts are moving forward and hopeful about their future.

“We’re definitely trying again,” he said. “We’re excited to move forward in that chapter of our lives. Hopefully, it happens and once it does it will definitely be a blessing.”

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