Jenni reaches out to her roommate and tells her to stay in the house
Credit: Larry Marano/Getty

We didn’t see this coming.

Angelina and JWOWW have come close to fighting on MTV’s Jersey Shore, so you might not expect the roommates to share a sweet and supportive moment.

But they do in Thursday’s episode (10 p.m. ET).

“I, as a woman living in this house, realize that this girl has been through probably more than any of us … fights, arguments, and she’s still here,” JWOWW says in a sneak peek at Thursday’s show. “I think she earned her spot in the house. She deserves to be here.”

What bonded the two? Smacking The Situation.

“As you know, I got in a huge fight with him last year,” JWOWW says in the courtyard. “Don’t leave … It would be your biggest mistake to leave again.”

The kind gesture took Angelina off guard. “I was surprised about that,” she said. “We’re not friends and I thought that was actually very nice of her.”