The iconic sitcom star says he and wife Jessica prefer more personal pastimes

By Lydia Price
Updated November 17, 2015 05:25 PM

Millions of viewers still love to revisit his classic ’90s sitcom Seinfeld, but Jerry Seinfeld says you won’t find TV marathons taking place at his house.

“You know what’s funny? We don’t watch TV anymore,” the comedian, 61, told PEOPLE Monday at the 15th-anniversary celebration for wife Jessica‘s charity, Baby Buggy.

“I think when people watch TV they don’t see each other as much,” he explains. “But we don’t turn on the TV. Only if it’s sports and only baseball. We kind of like to sit in the bedroom at night and catch up on everything – it’s nice.”

The parents of three certainly keep themselves busy away from the small screen. Jessica’s organization has given 17 million childcare items and counting to those in need. And the anniversary celebration – where the charity partnered with Joe Fresh to create a limited-edition puffer coat benefitting families in need – raised nearly $2 million.

“[I’m] so proud,” Jerry said. “She built this thing just from an idea, and now millions and millions of items go to people that need it, literally changing their lives. Objects – diapers and strollers – they change someone’s life.”

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And the whole Seinfeld clan helps Baby Buggy provide for struggling children and parents.

“Our daughter volunteers lots of Saturdays, and our 12 year-old son goes and folds and organizes a bit too,” Jessica says about kids Sascha and Julian. (The Seinfelds are also parents to Shepherd, 10.)

Even if they watch television more than their parents, mom Jessica says her trio steer clear from their dad’s beloved series about “nothing”: “They’re weirded out by it.”