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October 27, 2015 05:05 PM

Jeremy Sisto is the first to admit he’s a fan of dark characters.

“I find those roles interesting – how people are trying to make it when their biggest adversary is themselves,” he tells PEOPLE ahead of Tuesday’s premiere of his eerie new ABC show Wicked City.

On the show, Sisto stars as detective Jack Roth, who is tasked with hunting down – and being hunted by – serial killing couple Kent Grainger (Ed Westwick) and Betty Beaumontaine (Erika Christensen) during Hollywood’s sex- and drug-fueled ’80s era.

“I’m really excited,” says Sisto. “It’s so different than anything I’ve seen. You have all of the cat-and-mouse stuff, but it’s being told from how the characters see themselves. It’s a fun ride of a show. I’m excited to put something out there that I would watch myself.”
And for Sisto, who previously starred on shows like Six Feet Under and Law & Order, Wicked City is definitely more his speed than, say, that one ’90s teen film for which he’s so well-known.

“When Clueless came out I was too old to appreciate it. It wasn’t the kind of movie I was into,” says Sisto of the smash 1995 film in which he starred opposite Alicia Silverstone as snobby heartthrob Elton.

Jeremy Sisto (as Elton) in Clueless
Paramount Pictures/Everett

When that gig came along, he’d actually been building up his dark role repertoire. “All of my other roles at the time were like ‘serial killer’ or ‘disturbed young man,’ ” says Sisto with a laugh. “Then Clueless happened.”

Now, 20 years after the film’s release, he says he remembers it fondly, often with the help of diehard fans. “I completely appreciate how much fun it brought to people’s lives for years. Even to this day, people just get such a kick out of singing “Rollin’ with the Homies” to me. As tiring as it is for me to hear, I have to appreciate how much fun it is for them to do!”

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So would he put his dark side on hold for a Clueless reunion? “Listen, I like to work,” says Sisto, 41. “If Amy [Heckerling, the creator] had a fun idea, then sure. I guess it makes sense, now we’d have kids in high school. I wouldn’t put it past Hollywood to do something like that.”

It’s safe to presume that would leave fans totally buggin’!

Wicked City premieres Tuesday at 10 p.m. on ABC.

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