'Little People, Big World' 's Jeremy & Audrey Roloff Want to 'Inspire Love Stories' with New Book

The Little People, Big World couple are sharing their love story with the hope of inspiring others

Photo: Jeremy Roloff

Little People, Big World stars Jeremy and Audrey Roloff may be leaving the show, but their journey as a married couple is just beginning. On Tuesday, the Roloffs shared the cover art for their upcoming book, A Love Letter Life: Pursue Creatively, Date Intentionally, Love Faithfully, exclusively with PEOPLE.

“We believe everyone has a unique love story and we want people to be super stoked to press into their own love story. We want readers to prepare more for their marriage than their wedding [day],” Jeremy, 28, tells PEOPLE. “I think social media can paint facades, so [Audrey and I] hope that people will walk away [from the book] knowing that we aren’t perfect, our [dating] relationship wasn’t perfect. We learned from our struggles and we came out stronger on the other side.”

The book will hit shelves in April 2019 and will reveal the “raw, never-before shared tales from their own dating journey” in order to guide readers as they look for love, according to the press release. The Roloffs have been married for almost four years and are co-founders of Beating 50 Percent, “a marriage ministry on [a] mission to revive covenant marriages.” They share daughter, Ember, 11 months.


“I think people will be surprised at how much they don’t know about our love story,” says Audrey, 27.

“[Maintaining a long-distance relationship] was really difficult for us. We did it for three years, and in the book we explain how it started, how we survived it,” Jeremy says. “And Audrey almost ended our love story. We tell that story and I got emotional when I reread it… There are [also] two other really difficult moments outside of [long] distance that were big challenges and learning curves.”

Audrey explains that the love letters Jeremy wrote her during their most trying times helped them to be “original and creative” in their love story. The love notes also inspired the title of the book, which they hope will bring solace to readers no matter their relationship status.


“I think one of the things is realizing that pursuing and dating don’t have to stop when you get married,” says Audrey when explaining how they make their marriage work. “The subtitle of our book is ‘pursue creatively, date intentionally, love faithfully,’ and we think all of those three things can be true before you’re married and after you’ve been married for 20 years.”

She adds, “For us, it’s really important to continue pursuing each other in marriage, to continue to look for ways that we can love each other when it’s not convenient, and even when it’s hurtful.”

One of the biggest changes for the couple was their recent decision to leave Little People, Big World. Jeremy has starred on the show with his family for almost 15 years.

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“I think when anyone has done something for 15 years, they reach a point where they kind of ask themselves, ‘How much longer do I want to be doing this?’ And so two years ago I asked myself that question,” he explains.

After prayer and discussing the possibility with his family, Jeremy announced on July 10 that he wouldn’t be returning to the show, which has aired on TLC for 17 seasons. Jeremy explains that his family was understanding and “very supportive” of the decision.

“It just felt boring almost, you know?” he adds. “At some point you [need to] build something that you’re proud of. I didn’t build the show, and I’m not saying you need to build something to be proud, I’m just saying it ran its course. I feel like now is a great time to leave.”


The couple has enjoyed spending time with their baby daughter, Ember, who is about to start walking.

According to Audrey, the first time Ember laughed has been one of their favorite moments so far.

“Hearing your baby’s joy for the first time is a pretty crazy thing,” she says. “To this day, her laugh is something we just love. We love her little smile.”

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And they aren’t stopping with Ember.

“Jer and I definitely want to have more children,” Audrey says. “We’ve never really put a number on it, we want to take them one at a time. We’ve always envisioned a big family, that’s always been something we’ve talked about from the very beginning.”

“Enough to fill up a sprinter van,” jokes Jeremy.

Besides growing their family, they also want to buy land or the family farm (“We’re talking with my parents everyday about this,” Jeremy says). As for their careers, Jeremy explains that their biggest goal is “to continue sharing our life with people.” He explains, “We’re trying to inspire love stories.”

They’ll continue their work with Beating 50 Percent, and hope to start a podcast soon. A Love Letter Life is the first of a three-book deal the Roloffs have signed with publisher Zondervan.

“We’re really in a season of ‘Wow, what do we want our life story to be about?'” Jeremy adds, “Our love story is so closely tied to that, that’s part of the inspiration behind this book.”

A Love Letter Life is available for pre-order now.

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