Tom didn't do so well during Final Jeopardy

By Alex Heigl
Updated October 27, 2015 05:10 PM

Jeopardy, which is still trucking along like it’s a part of Dick Wolf Productions, occasionally drops some real viral fodder out there, and this week, it happened to be Tom Flynn.

Tom, the handsome, vaguely baffled contestant with the great hair, a fondness for checking himself out in the monitor and the casually rumpled blue Oxford.

Tom, the bartender who “freelances in film production” and “wants to eventually direct.”

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Tom, whose Final Jeopardy answer was a single, capitalized “What.”

Tom, who stares into the camera unfazed by the uselessness of that answer, leaning casually on one arm like he’s surveying some land he recently purchased in Napa Valley.

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Incidentally, some guy named Sean won, taking home a two-day total of $48,300. Tom lost.

But in our hearts, we all know Tom was the real winner.

Thank you, Tom.