The actress jokes about working out her relationship issues with husband Jason Biggs on her new TV show

By Ale Russian
Updated December 15, 2016 09:47 PM

Jenny Mollen has never been afraid to keep it real about her relationship with husband Jason Biggs — and being on TV is no different!

The actress and author tells PEOPLE why getting to work with her hubby on her new show I Like You Just The Way I Am was the best experience she’s had on set: “It was amazing because I was his boss, so for me, it was the best experience of my life because I was in charge of him completely. He had to do whatever I wanted.”

And her affinity to want to be in control of her equally funny husband stems from a hilariously dark reason — just like her show.

“Usually when we work together, there’s just a lot of competition in our relationship not for the spotlight, but it has to be about each of us because I feel like we both have a lot of childhood abandonment issues,” she jokes. “I feel like there’s this thing where in couple’s therapy I’ll say, ‘Listen Jason, it doesn’t need to be about me all the time, but it can never be about you.’ ”

She adds laughing: “Like there’s something f—– up about that, but it’s just this weird idea that it’s very hard for us to make it about the other person because then we instantly, as codependents who grew up with narcissistic parents, feel like we are being controlled or taken over.”

But the New York Times best selling author clarifies that she also loves getting to work with him, saying, “He is the best actor. It’s so fun because I get to have this amazing actor that I could never normally get at my full disposal doing whatever I want.”

And Mollen promises that kind of dark humor will keep coming in her new web series based on her book by the same name. Centered around a girl who is “desperate to be liked,” I Like You Just The Way I Am will explore hijinks like Mollen sending an anonymous note to her sister (played by Busy Philipps) telling her she’d been kidnapped as a child. While it later blows up in her character’s face, Mollen jokes that these kind of storylines make the show a darker version of one of the most beloved American sitcoms.

In a PEOPLE exclusive sneak peek at one of her first episodes, Mollen and Philipps spy on one of Biggs’ ex-girlfriends while she’s out on a run. Unfortunately, Mollen’s drone (yes, she spies with a drone) get a little too close to Biggs’ ex and it hits her in the head, causing a bloody gash.

“It’s like a really f—– up, dark I Love Lucy,” Mollen jokes. “So for instance, I’m obsessed with Jason’s ex-girlfriend [played by Shiri Appleby], but not because I’m jealous of her and mad they were together, it’s more because by me being with him now there’s someone in the world who doesn’t like me and I want her to like me.”

I Like You Just The Way I Am — also starring Justin Bartha and the late Alan Thicke in one of his final roles — is now streaming on