January 14, 2015 07:15 PM

Donnie Loves Jenny is airing its second episode on Tuesday, and we’re already seeing the newlyweds in bed.

Not like that.

In an exclusive clip obtained by PEOPLE, we see Donnie Wahlberg try to rouse wife Jenny McCarthy from slumber, with little success. Having gotten into bed at 4 a.m. after working all night, McCarthy, 42, is not up to getting out of bed to get her son Evan, 12, ready for school.

When Wahlberg, 45, offers to do the job for her, she’s (sleepily, groggily) hesitant despite her husband’s assurance that he’s “been a dad for 21 years” and that he “know[s] how to get a kid ready for school in the morning.”

Still, McCarthy insists that “Evan’s different.”

“He’s not that different,” Wahlberg replies. (Kind of sweet, right?)

“For 11 years I was a single mom,” McCarthy shares. “So I’ve got Evan’s morning perfectly scheduled exactly the way he likes it.”

Wahlberg is exasperated: “I’ve raised boys – I know how to cook breakfast!”

Donnie Wahlberg on Donnie Loves Jenny
Courtesy A&E

What follows is, of course, an incompetent culinary exercise that verges on disaster, from errant eggshells to a shrieking smoke alarm and, eventually, a very full trash can.

Donnie Loves Jenny airs Wednesdays at 10:30 p.m. ET on A&E.

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