World of Dance premieres May 8 at 10 p.m. ET on NBC

By Nicole Sands and Patrick Gomez
March 20, 2017 12:00 PM

Jennifer Lopez’s dance reality competition World of Dance is set to premiere May 30, and PEOPLE can exclusively reveal new footage of the show’s judges dishing on why they think their series will be the show of the summer.

The 47 elite dance acts will be divided into groups Junior Division, Upper Division and Team Division, and will compete for the title “Best in the World” judged by, well, some of the best performers in the world including Lopez, Dancing with the Stars pro Derek Hough, R&B singer Ne-Yo with actress-dancer Jenna Dewan Tatum hosting.

With an already impressive resume under their belt, many of the groups have hit stardom level having worked with some of music’s biggest legends, such as group The Lab performing with Justin Bieber and Keone & Mari choreographing one of the pop star’s music videos, Parisian-born twin brothers Les Twins performing on stage alongside Jay-Z, Beyoncé and Missy Elliott, and the JabbaWockeeZ, who have amassed large success with their Las Vegas residency shows.

See the full list of contestants below:

Junior Division
801 Squad, Ballroom/Jazz group from Oren, Utah
Alaman, Tap group from Los Angeles
Boys of Temecula, Jazz group from Temecula, California
D’Angelo & Amanda, Ballroom dancers from Miami
Diana Pombo, Contemporary dancer from Miami
Eva Igo, Contemporary dancer from Inver Grove Heights, Minnesota
ImmaBEAST, 12-member Hip Hop group from Los Angeles
JJ & Joey, Hip Hop duo from Johnson, Rhode Island
Kaeli and Brandon, Ballet duo from Ashburn, Virginia
KynTay, Hip Hop duo from Memphis
Mini Request, Hip Hop dance crew from New Zealand
The Lab, ten-member Hip Hop dance crew from Los Angeles
The Maya Boys, Breakdance group from Phoenix
The Mihacevich Sisters, Contemporary dancers from Brunswick, Ohio
The Posse, Contemporary dancers from San Jose, California

Upper Division
Al Taw’am, Hip Hop dancer from Twin Cities, Minnesota
DNA, Ballroom dancers from New York City
Femme Fatale, Popping dancers from Los Angeles
Fik-shun, Hip Hop dancer from Las Vegas
Keone & Mari, Urban Dance duo from San Diego
Kings Unite, Hip Hop dancers from Los Angeles
Kyle Van Newkirk, Tap dancer from Morrill, Nebraska
Les Twins, twin Hip Hop duo from Paris
Luka and Jenalyn, Cabaret Ballroom dancers from Toronto
Nick Daniels, Contemporary dancer from Miami
Pasión, Flamenco dancer from Santa Barbara, California
Quick Style, Hip Hop group from Oslo
Slawek and Juliet, Ballet duo from Phoenix
The Nitty Grittyz, Tap group from Los Angeles
Trent Jeray, Memphis Jookin dancer from Memphis
Vibration, Belly dancer from Miami

Team Division
Chapkis Dance Family, Hip Hop group from Bay Area, California
Fuze, Ballroom Fusion dancers from Los Angeles
Ian Eastwood and The Young Lions, seven-member Jazz Funk group from Los Angeles
JabbaWockeeZ, nine-member Hip Hop group from Sacramento, California
Kinjaz, 13-member Urban Dance group from Los Angeles
Miami All Stars, Ballroom dancers from Miami
NXT LVL, Clogging dancers from Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
P.L.A.Y., Contemporary dance group from New York City
Prodijig, Irish Step group from Cork, Ireland
Rhythmatic, Tap group from New York City
Rouge, Hip Hop/Jazz dancers from Los Angeles
Royal Flux, Contemporary dancers from Los Angeles
Stroll Groove, Stepping dancers from Los Angeles
Super Cr3w, Break-dancers from Las Vegas
Swing Latino, 16-member Salsa group from Cali, Colombia
The Kingdom, Dancehall/Hip Hop group from Los Angeles

World of Dance premieres May 30 at 10 p.m. ET on NBC.