The actress, starring opposite Ray Liotta and Drea de Matteo, is excited about the show's moral ambiguities
Credit: David Buchan/Getty

Jennifer Lopez can’t wait to be morally compromised.

The singer and American Idol judge is returning to acting in the police drama Shades of Blue for NBC. And she clearly relishes the chance to play a crooked cop who becomes a federal informant and is very much caught between right and wrong.

“We know that certain things are wrong. But in certain situations, doing the wrong thing is the right thing. It’s about that internal struggle that every single person has,” Lopez, 45, says in a new trailer for the show.

We get hints at a few plot points for Lopez’s character, Harlee Santos, including the fact that she has a daughter who “doesn’t let her get so lost in the world that she can’t ever find her way back to something real and good.”

Costars Ray Liotta and Drea de Matteo also weigh in on the good-versus-evil nature of the drama, with Liotta admitting “there’s a lot of grey areas” to anyone’s sense of morality. (Shades of Grey wouldn’t have worked as a title for obvious reasons, though – thus, the more police-centric title Shades of Blue.)

In the end, says Lopez, it’s a show about “what’s right and what’s wrong and how far do we go for the people that we love?”

Shades of Blue is expected to have a midseason debut during the 2015-16 TV season.