Jennifer Lopez Makes Wet Hair Look Hot in a Sneak Peek Clip from 'Shades of Blue'

Shades of Blue premieres Jan. 7 on NBC

Photo: Michael Becker/FOX/Getty

Leave it to Jennifer Lopez to make wet hair look good.

The actress and singer plays a busy woman on the upcoming NBC drama Shades of Blue. So busy, in fact, her character doesn’t have time to dry her hair before entering a secret meeting with her police department cohorts.

“Any chance my gift is the last parka?” a wet-haired Lopez asks in a preview clip exclusive to PEOPLE.

Lopez stars in Shades of Blue as Harlee Santos, a crooked cop who becomes a federal informant and is very much caught between right and wrong. Her lieutenant is played by Ray Liotta.

“Watching Jennifer and Ray, as Harlee Santos and Matt Wozniak, navigate and move the lines of truth and morality just to survive the day was an amazing experience,” Elaine Goldsmith-Thomas, the show’s executive producer and Lopez’s producing partner, told PEOPLE in November. “Their characters justified their actions, and often pivoted on a dime in order to keep their heads above water.”

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And playing crooked has done well for the American Idol judge.

“This is a Jennifer you haven’t seen since her Out of Sight days,” added Goldsmith-Thomas.

Shades of Blue is slated to premiere Jan. 7 at 10 p.m. ET on NBC.

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