"I'm the only one who can wear tight pants in this town," Lopez warns Fallon

By Alex Heigl
Updated June 10, 2014 09:15 AM
Credit: NBC/Getty

Jimmy, you never had a chance.

Jennifer Lopez was a guest on The Tonight Show Monday, and the former In Living Color Fly Girl showed she had a thing or two to teach Jimmy Fallon about dancing.

Fallon resumed an earlier 1960s Beach Blanket Bingo-style dance-off skit he’d originally performed with Will Ferrell – he and Lopez donned Beatles-esque mop-top wigs and sang about wearing tight pants. (Needless to say, Lopez wins.)

“I’m the only one who can wear tight pants in this town,” Lopez says to Fallon at the end of the skit. We’ll see if Lopez can continue to defend that claim with the release of her new album, A.K.A., on June 17. Watch the full clip of her and Jimmy’s segment below.

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