"Who we think we are and who we turn out to be... are they ever the same? Jennifer Lopez asks in the trailer's conclusion

By Gabrielle Olya
Updated November 08, 2015 02:20 PM
Credit: Jerritt Clark/Getty

Jennifer Lopez isn’t playing by the rules.

The actress shared a newly released action-packed trailer for her upcoming NBC cop drama Shades of Blue on her Facebook page, in which her character Harlee Santos is seen shooting her partner to stage a crime scene.

“I’ve been known to improvise,” she tells her colleague of her “creative police work.”

The trailer shows Lopez’s character taking a step too far outside the lines of legality in one of her crime busts, leading her to get arrested by the FBI. She is forced to become a federal informant, betraying her lieutenant Matt Wozniak, played by Ray Liotta.

“Who we think we are and who we turn out to be… are they ever the same?” Lopez, 46, asks in the trailer.

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“Watching Jennifer and Ray, as Harlee Santos and Matt Wozniak, navigate and move the lines of truth and morality just to survive the day was an amazing experience,” Elaine Goldsmith-Thomas, the show’s executive producer and Lopez’s producing partner, tells PEOPLE. “Their characters justified their actions, and often pivoted on a dime in order to keep their heads above water.”

“This is a Jennifer you haven t seen since her Out of Sight days,” says Goldsmith-Thomas.

With reporting by LIZ MCNEIL