"I once took an Ambien before filming a scene in The Hunger Games," J Law confessed

By Karen Mizoguchi
Updated May 24, 2016 12:55 AM
Credit: Andrew Lipovsky/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

Jennifer Lawrence has confessed she was under the influence while playing Katniss Everdeen.

During a game of “True Confessions” on Monday’s Tonight Show, the Oscar-winning actress revealed she took a drug on set of The Hunger Games.

“I once took an Ambien before filming a scene in The Hunger Games,” she said as host Jimmy Fallon and guest John Oliver tried their best to guess whether Lawrence, 25, was telling a truth or a lie.

“Were you sleeping in this scene?” Fallon asked before J Law said, “No, in fact, I was dancing.”

And after Oliver inquired if she took the sedative before a fight scene, the actress further explained, “I woke up and I thought it was something else, it was like normal to take it.”

When time was up, Fallon and Oliver both believed she was telling the truth as the Last Week Tonight host added, “It’s plausible, it’s reckless, I kind of like it, if it’s not true I’m going to be very sad.”

And taking an Ambien on set wasn’t the only confession Lawrence made while on the talk show. She also recalled time when she jokingly told reporters at a press conference that Kim Basinger died – and they believed her.

“Kim Basinger wasn’t there, and we were doing an international press conference,” she said. “So somebody said, ‘Where is Kim Basinger?’ And I just leaned into the microphone and was like, ‘You didn’t hear? Kim died.”

“There was like a beat while it got translated and then it was like [explosion noise],”she added. “And then I got ripped off the stage and thrown into media training.”