Jennifer Lawrence Dishes on Dinner with Adele and Turns Down Justin Bieber in Hilarious Interview

"We talk about everything but work," Lawrence said of her friendship with Adele

Photo: James Devaney/WireImage

Jennifer Lawrence‘s debut appearance on Watch What Happens Live is filled with gems.

The actress, 25, was her candid self with host Andy Cohen on Monday. In addition to chatting about kissing Liam Hemsworth off-camera and taking a hit of marijuana before the Oscars, Lawrence discussed music superstars Adele and Justin Bieber.

A fan who called into the show couldn’t help but mention Lawrence’s buzzed-about dinner with the “Hello” singer and fellow actress Emma Stone in November. When asked who paid for the meal and what they talked about, Lawrence took a few seconds to recall their night out.

Oh God, I don’t know who picked up the check. It might’ve been Adele, she replied. I think we would’ve all been like, ‘Adele, you’ve had a pretty good week.’ So I’m sure we would’ve probably let her get it.

Lawrence was referring to Adele’s new album 25, which broke ‘NSYNC’s record for the biggest single-week album sales.

Adele’s feat wasn’t discussed, though. “We talk about everything but work, Lawrence said of their friendship.

Another hitmaker came up while Lawrence hung out in the Bravo Clubhouse. A caller said, “Justin Bieber recently told a radio station that you’re so sexy and so cute. So my … question for you is, ‘Would you ever tap that?'”

“Uh, I’m gonna say a hard no,” Lawrence shared before laughing. “But thanks.”

The interview came in the midst of Lawrence’s promotional tour for her new movie Joy, which hits theaters on Christmas Day.

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