The "best kisser" of the season opens up about her shocking elimination – and why she thinks Courtney is trouble

By Carrie Bell
February 06, 2012 07:30 AM
Craig Sjodin/ABC (2)

Jennifer Fritsch has had a major change of heart since her time on The Bachelor.

Speaking with reporters from Oklahoma City, the accountant. 28, recanted her “perfect” opinion of Ben Flajnik, candidly shared her distaste for skinny-dipping frontrunner Courtney and explained why she didn’t find closure over her shocking elimination until she read Flajnik’s blog and saw the show for herself.

People were shocked by your dismissal. Any explanation that wasn’t shown on TV?
He said something to the effect of I was feeling a bit more [for him] than he was for me. I didn’t think it was a good answer because I didn’t pick up that vibe from him at all. The only closure I’ve had was from his [] blog. It was a nice blog and definitely helps me now. If he sent me home based on the fact that he didn’t feel it, that’s fine.

Did anything feel off?
Nothing. That’s why it was such a shocker. Everything was right. I wouldn’t change anything. I came off a great one-on-one date. Conversation was so easy and natural. We had a great conversation at the party. He knew how I was feeling. I felt like he reassured me of his feelings. And then he proceeded to kiss me. I walked away thinking, “I’ve got this in the bag.”

Did it bother you to be eliminated hours after making out with him?
Yes. I was very frustrated. I had the rug pulled out from underneath me [although] he was a good kisser.

Were you in love already?
I wasn’t in love at that point, but did have a strong connection and was on the track to falling in love. Courtney, Lindzi and Kacie B. were some of his favorites. I thought I was a favorite too. Maybe he sent me home because I was too real. Maybe he had feelings for me and he’d feel bad about it. That’s how I justify it in my mind.

You called him perfect. Still think so?
I’ve changed my mind. [Seeing that skinny-dipping promo], I’m glad he sent me home. I left having no idea. I’m OK with skinny-dipping but there’s a time and place. It was a little early in a relationship to take such a big leap with one girl. It bothers me that he just went along with it with 10 girls left. He’s inconsistent and doesn’t care what anyone thinks, especially the people potentially falling in love with him. He made his bed. If it’s not Courtney in the end, I wish him luck. He’ll be facing a lot of questions.

Your opinion of Courtney?
I knew I didn’t like her while there, but I had to live with her so I wasn’t mean. Watching, I have a much stronger opinion. I don’t have one good thing to say about her. She’s portrayed as exactly the person she is. I don’t think she has a better side than her looks. The skinny-dipping proves her character and it’s not a good one.

Is she there to win or does she like him?
Maybe she likes Ben a little. [But] she’s in a career where she could come out ahead. It’s a lot of exposure. For her to [say] “winning” all the time, it makes sense that she’s there more to be seen.

How do you think Ben feels watching her antics and comments?
I would be embarrassed because you’re seeing what everyone has been telling you the whole time. He looks like a fool.

Looks like the remaining girls stage a Courtney intervention. Would you have participated?
Never. If he can’t see through her, he doesn’t deserve to have anyone tell him different. It’s a moot point. He’s caught in her web and there’s no escaping.

Could they make a good couple?
Lasting and meaningful for the long haul? No. If he’s with Courtney, my advice is run for the hills.

Who would be a good match?
Emily. Rachel had an awkward one-on-one date, but the connection between them runs deeper. Kacie B. is a favorite, but she’s young and hasn’t had a lot of relationship experience.

You may not have found love, but you’ll return to the dating pool labeled the best kisser on national TV.
I have a badge of honor. It has been fun to relish in the fact that I was the best kisser.