PEOPLE exclusively announced Jennifer Bassey and George Bamford's engagement in November 2016 after two-and-a-half years of dating

By Karen Mizoguchi
May 11, 2018 07:49 PM
Jennifer Bassey and George Bamford
Anya Lukianov

Jennifer Bassey and George Bamford have tied the knot!

The 75-year-old All My Children alum, who was nominated for a 2018 Daytime Emmy Award for her role in Anacostia, wed the 73-year-old actor on April 19 at the City Clerk’s Office in New York City.

For the intimate ceremony, Bassey wore a white lace dress by Goga by Gordana while Bamford dressed in a custom-made suit.

“We filled out the paperwork and went into a room and we were married,” the soap star tells PEOPLE exclusively.

Jennifer Bassey and George Bamford
Anya Lukianov

“After the ceremony, which was very short, I asked the officiant who married us what his name was. He said, ‘Angel.’ George turned to me and said, ‘We just got married by an angel,’ ” she recalls.

“As we were filling out the paperwork, George asked the clerk how much will the cost of the paperwork be and she replied $45,” Bassey says. “I then asked her, ‘How much does it cost to get divorced?’ She replied, sternly, ‘We don’t do divorces here.’ Bureaucrats have no sense of humor.”

Jennifer Bassey and George Bamford
Anya Lukianov

Following the ceremony, the couple had their first meal as newlyweds. “We went off to Little Italy, which was close by, and [our dear friend and witness Anya Lukianov] took us for a fabulous Italian meal,” Bassey says.

PEOPLE exclusively announced Bassey and Bamford’s engagement in November 2016 after he proposed in Waikiki, Hawaii, after two-and-a-half years of dating.

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Jennifer Bassey and George Bamfor
Courtesy Jennifer Bassey

Bassey, who has also appeared on General Hospital, had been married for 30 years to playwright and screenwriter Luther Davis, who died in 2008.

Years later, a friend introduced her to Bamford, who was having a particularly rough time with his own grief at the time: he had lost his wife of 50 years to cancer.

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“I never dreamed when I met George it would turn into this — that we would [develop] feelings for one another. I thought I had 30 great years with someone else, and maybe I won’t meet anybody again, and that’s okay. But it just happened,” Bassey told PEOPLE about falling in love after loss.