The two friends shared the quick smooch on Monday's episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show


Jennifer Aniston kissed a girl — and liked it?

In a preview for Monday’s episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Ellen DeGeneres, 61 reveals that she shares a kiss with her good friend, Aniston, 50.

During the episode, the topic of kissing comes up as Aniston asks DeGeneres about her recent kiss with Howard Stern, which occurred with the radio star during her Oct. 14 show. Stern initiated the on-camera kiss as a way overshadow the then-headlines about the day time talk show host hanging out at a Dallas Cowboys football game with former president George W. Bush.

Aniston, curious about the comical lip-locking, proceeds to ask DeGeneres — who has been married to Portia de Rossi for 11 years — several questions about the kiss with Stern.

“How was it? Did you enjoy it? Were you nervous? Did you kinda get into it at all? Or was it just like …” the Morning Show star asks.

“Is this something that’s gonna turn you on? Why is this so important to you?” DeGeneres asks, to which Aniston jokes, “Not when we’re with so many people.”

Jennifer Aniston and Ellen DeGeneres
Credit: Michael Rozman/Warner Bros.

The former Friends star then asks the host when was the last time she had kissed a guy.

“Why is everyone so shocked?” she responds. “I kiss guys. I kiss guys, like, that. I don’t make out with guys, but I kiss guys on the lips.”

DeGeneres adds, “When was the last time you kissed a girl on the lips?”

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After a brief pause to think it over, Aniston says she doesn’t kiss girls on the lips, but seeing an opportunity to fix that, DeGeneres then scooches in for a smooch. Laughing, Aniston arranges her hair in preparation for the big exchange, leaning in for the friendly peck on the lips.

“That’s what they wanted to see,” the TV host says about the cheering audience members. “They’ve been wanting that for years.”

That‘s the last time I kissed a girl,” says Aniston.

Pleasantly surprised, the actress then compliments DeGeneres and says, “You have such soft lips.”

“So do you, that’s why I do what I do,” the host jokes back.

Aniston laughs, “I get it.”

In addition to kissing, the pair also talk about Aniston recently signing up for Instagram, and her record-breaking account.

“See now you can add this to you Instagram,” DeGeneres jesters.

Ahead of the Monday broadcast, Degeneres teased the kissing moment on social media with the caption, “Find out how this happened.” Aniston then re-posted the photo on her Instagram Story, adding the 🤷 emoji.