Jennie Garth Says 'Beverly Hills, 90210' Set 'Taught Me To Be Threatened By Other Women': 'It Messed With Me'

“It was just a different day and age and it gave us young girls a lot of mixed messages,” Jennie Garth said, of her time on the popular '90s teen drama

Jennie Garth
Jennie Garth. Photo: Jerod Harris/WireImage

Jennie Garth has admitted she struggled with her competitive attitude towards other women "for many years" due to her time on Beverly Hills, 90210.

"A lot of what happened on that set shaped us in all directions," Garth, 49, said on Monday's episode of her and costar Tori Spelling's 9021OMG podcast.

"But I think as a young girl… [the show] brought out a super competitive part of me being in that environment of being judged because of my looks or how I looked in an outfit," added Garth, who played Kelly Taylor on the hit '90s teen drama.

She continued, "It was just a different day and age and it gave us young girls a lot of mixed messages. I, for many years, struggled with [it]."

Jennie garth
Jennie Garth. Michael tran/AFP/Getty

Beverly Hills, 90210 originally aired from 1990 to 2000. Other leading women on the drama included Spelling, 48, Shannen Doherty, and Gabrielle Carteris.

Garth admitted on the 9021OMG podcast that she felt "threatened" by her costars at the time.

"If I'm honest, I think [the show] kind of taught me to be threatened by other girls be threatened by other women [and] be more competitive because I wanted our costars approval or attention," she said.

The effects stayed with Garth, who went on to reprise her character on the spinoff 90210 and the reboot BH 90210.

"It messed with me on a deeper level and not until later in life that I kind of think it wasn't ever about the other girls," Garth reflected. "And why did I ever make the other girls an enemy in my mind?"

She added, "I think that Tori and I are always working through those messages as we grow older and trying to be better people and figure it all out."

Beverly Hills, 90210 Cast. Everett

Spelling has also expressed how the '90s show had negative effects on her self-esteem, especially because she was bullied over her eye shape.

"When I started 90210 at 16, I was filled with low self confidence," Spelling wrote in a lengthy Instagram caption in October. "Then, internet trolls ( yep we had them back then too!)called me frog and bug eyed. Being put under a microscope as a young girl in her formative years was hard. I spent years begging makeup artists on my shows and movies to please try to make my eyes look smaller. I would cry over my looks in the makeup trailer chair."

In addition to the insecurities around her eyes, Spelling said "years of hurtful comments" prompted her to only ever show the camera one side of her face.

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"Words can't be unread. Cyber bullying existed then and it does now worse than ever," she told her followers. "Just remember next time that you go to comment on someone's account regarding their face or body or choices, you don't know them. They don't know you. But, their soul will remember that unkind comment. It'll be imprinted on them."

"That said. Here's me. Straight on. I love my eyes now. They make me uniquely me. And, I rarely wear sunglasses," Spelling proudly declared.

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